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Identifying the weeds around us

Lambs Ear The first aid plant. Bees love it! How is it different from Mullein

@hippiechickbotanicals teaches us about many uses of Lambs ears

Can we really eat that fuzzy thing? Thank you alexisnikole for teaching us we can!

Lambs Quarters

Medicinal benefits of Lambs Quarters using food as medicine.

Bidens Pilosa

Common Milkweed: Uses and Natural Remedies

Gallant Soldier it’s medical benefits is it a Weed or a Wizard 🪄? Quick weed. Gallant Soldier eat the weeds

Where Science meets nature talks about Gallant Soldier

Green Growth

Herb to Know: Queen-Anne’s-Lace

This article Herb to Know: Queen-Anne’s-Lace is an awesome overview of this plant and it’s medical value.

More info and pics to come!

Green Growth


Dandelion has many uses. Below you will find some of my favorite videos explaining health benefits. The text is just a tease of what all it can do!

Digestive bitters how we can make at home Thanks @becomingfiona

Antiviral too! Let’s learn from the Herb Guy

Great for the 💜❤️ What Big Pharma and Roundup have in common.

Reducing the risk of cancer! Also high in vitamin c

Liver cleanser helps the immune system!