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Identifying the weeds around us

Lambs Ear The first aid plant. Bees love it! How is it different from Mullein

@hippiechickbotanicals teaches us about many uses of Lambs ears

Can we really eat that fuzzy thing? Thank you alexisnikole for teaching us we can!

Lambs Quarters

Medicinal benefits of Lambs Quarters using food as medicine.

Bidens Pilosa

Common Milkweed: Uses and Natural Remedies

Gallant Soldier it’s medical benefits is it a Weed or a Wizard 🪄? Quick weed. Gallant Soldier eat the weeds

Where Science meets nature talks about Gallant Soldier

Green Growth

Herb to Know: Queen-Anne’s-Lace

This article Herb to Know: Queen-Anne’s-Lace is an awesome overview of this plant and it’s medical value.

More info and pics to come!

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Earth Breeze

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One of the things that I had to change once I found out I had Alpha-Gal was my Cleaning supplies. Once I tried them I wish I would have found them years ago. Here’s what my friend Tanya has to say about the Laundry Detergent. Tanya was so kind to do a tiktok review for me.

I have listed the product links below for those of you that want to check them out. So nice not to have to deal with the large plastic jugs from other Laundry detergents. Their package is biodegradable I can just bury it in my garden.

Shop Power Pebbles Dishwasher Tablets starting at $28! For the Dishwasher cleans my dishes without leaving a chemical smell.

Shop Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets starting at $20! I love the Lightly Scented smell of the Laundry Detergent sheets. They also come in Unscented.

Shop The Hope Cloth Paper Towel Replacement starting at $13! The Hope Cloths Replace Paper towel I use them wet, They save us so much $$ on paper towels. Look for deals on a monthly subscription. You can cancel anytime or can move your date or change your products which is nice.

My Favorite Bundle
Deluxe Home Bundle – $36.00

Another amazing bundle their Featured Starter Kit


Alphagalgardengirl Garden list

Alphagalgardengirl garden list


Salt Rising Bread

Have you ever ate a good piece of toasted Salt rising bread 🍞? It’s fluffy but somewhat dense. When toasted The crunch is like no other! My grandpa Taylor use to make some of the best Salt Rising Bread. I remember sitting at the table eating slice after slice with Hot Chocolate on cold days. I enjoy Learning about the secrets of making this timeless classic.

Did you know you can check for the perfect doneness with a cooking thermometer!?
190 degrees F. For Salt Rising 🍞 seems to be it!

Here’s one great place to learn about Salt Rising Bread 🍞. Mary’s Nest

If  hands on learning how to make Salt rising bread is something you would like to learn ask me how!?

Keeping the Salt Rising Bread Recipe🍞 alive

Let us know if you’ve made Salt Rising Bread 🍞 and how it turned out. We like ours toasted with a drizzle of honey 🍯

Green Growth


Dandelion has many uses. Below you will find some of my favorite videos explaining health benefits. The text is just a tease of what all it can do!

Thank you @ themacromuse for showing us not only the health benefits but pointing out a little goes a long way. Also a wonderful yummy way to prepare dandelion greens. The bitter foods and their importance in the 5 different flavors!

Digestive bitters how we can make at home Thanks @becomingfiona

Could dandelion be the answer to blood sugar issues?

Antiviral too! Let’s learn from the Herb Guy

Great for the 💜❤️ What Big Pharma and Roundup have in common.

Reducing the risk of cancer! Also high in vitamin c

Liver cleanser helps the immune system!


Alpha-gal what is it exactly?

Alpha-gal allergy is an allergy to the carbohydrate molecule attached to the proteins found in all mammal meat and their by products. For those who are the most reactive it can trigger a condition called mast cell activation syndrome where their mast cells become over active and release histamines in response to so many things. Plus others on here have developed other allergies that they have to manage. It is confusing.

If you are newly diagnosed you need to focus on removing all mammal meats from your diet. If you are still having reaction go a step further and remove the by products like vitamin d3, gelatin, glycerin, and additives made from mammal to prepared foods that can be listed as natural flavors, mono and diglycerides, carrageenan etc. If still reacting after removing all mammal and it’s by products then you may need to remove dairy…milk, cheese, whey, lactose etc. (About half of people with alpha gal react to dairy).

In time you will learn what affects your body. Everyone’s level of sensitivity and everyone’s reaction are so different. If you find someone’s post confusing just ask the poster to explain.

Remember reactions most often are delayed by anywhere from 2 to 10 hours or more. So if you have a reaction look at what you ate earlier in the day. Also know that alpha-gal is a allergy that can produce a reaction anytime you ingest mammal meat or its byproducts but it may not cause you to react everytime you eat it. So you could eat a hamburger today and do absolutely fine but it the same thing in a few days and land in the hospital from a reaction.

Remember also that over time your sensitivity can increase or decrease so you need to learn to listen to your body to know how to adjust.

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My favorite cleaning products

I love Norwex for a lot of reasons. Mostly because it’s free of toxic chemicals.

My friend Krist recently started her Norwex business. So I’m hosting a party to free my home of chemicals and you can order here.

If you want to be invited to the party and have a chance to win products and learn along the way pm me and I will have Kristi add you.

Here’s a little video about Norwex.

A Little Extra LivLabs

Got chronic discomfort?

Hi, I’m Wendy and in live in Spain but the “S” is silent. Or so the joke went…

I live hard, and I play hard. As a result, I often find myself with chronic discomfort. One of the best things I have found to help with that is CBD/Hemp. I found LivLabs Hemp products to be the most effective at balancing my system and being able to function better.

Every Tuesday, I love the fact I can get on a zoom call and can ask the doctors questions. They are very knowledgeable about the products and they have seen amazing results.

If exploring practical ideas, methods and concepts which can be used to promote positive health and wellbeing for you, your families and those in your professional life is something you are interested in… you can also join for the calls on Tuesday evenings at 8:30pm or Friday afternoons at 3pm.

I’m so in love with Liv Planet Hemp that I am saving up for a laser to add to my Massage ministry. I’ve really enjoyed learning about it and how it has helped others feel better so they can live with less discomfort. You can learn too Wednesdays at 12pm or 6pm, or Thursdays at 8pm through this link.

If you want to learn more about the cold laser itself you can go to

Check out this short video and tell me if there’s anything I can help you with!

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RedBubble and My Art

Since I was a young girl, I’ve loved taking pictures, so much so I even had my own darkroom! As life went on I entered several photography contests, and won a few along the way too.

Recently, my passion for photography was reignited through the encouragement of a few friends. They nudged me to share my passion with others so they could also enjoy it. Well now it’s a reality and thanks to RedBubble! They make it easy to share the art I love but with minimal other work on my end.

I would love for you to head over and check out my shop called AGGardenGirl, just follow this link or search AGGardenGirl. Give me a ❤️ on the ones that you like best, or give my shop a share! I have plenty more to still go through and upload, but here are just a few currently in my shop.

Monotropia Uniflora – Indian Pipe

My favorite item so far is this pillow!

With this one being a close second! What are your thoughts on these pillows?

Do you have any art you want to share with the world? Let your passions fund your dreams! Maybe like me you need a few videos to help you figure it out, here are a few I found helpful.

How to figure out what tags to use to make your sales explode!

Why use RedBubble?