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Can you imagine not ever being able to eat red meat again because of a tick bite? That is my reality and many others that have gotten bit by ticks.

This podcast and it explains what I go through with Alpha-gal and things I need to watch out for. Listen with me and reach out and let me know your thoughts. On my Facebook group page Thriving with Alphagalgardengirl

Podcast with Two Alpha Gals

Debbie Nichols and Caroline Matthis suffer from a disease known as Alpha Gal Syndrome, a tick-borne illness that makes the effected person allergic to mammal meat and animal products. During their conversation with host Vance Crowe the three talk about living with Alpha Gal Syndrome, how to diagnose the disease, the person that suggested giving Alpha Gal to people to stop animal agriculture and the mourning that happened when they lost the ability to eat meat.

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Chapters — 

0:00 Start
3:38 Interview Beginning 
4:48 What is it like to have alpha-gal
8:43 How do you know if you have alpha-gal
11:58 Alpha-gal symptoms
17:39 How does a tick bite cause alpha-gal?
27:50 Can alpha-gal go away?
38:10 Why can’t you drink some wines with alpha-gal?
49:45 How to get tested for alpha-gal
53:02 Psychology of giving up food

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Alpha-gal what is it exactly?

Alpha-gal allergy is an allergy to the carbohydrate molecule attached to the proteins found in all mammal meat and their by products. For those who are the most reactive it can trigger a condition called mast cell activation syndrome where their mast cells become over active and release histamines in response to so many things. Plus others on here have developed other allergies that they have to manage. It is confusing.

If you are newly diagnosed you need to focus on removing all mammal meats from your diet. If you are still having reaction go a step further and remove the by products like vitamin d3, gelatin, glycerin, and additives made from mammal to prepared foods that can be listed as natural flavors, mono and diglycerides, carrageenan etc. If still reacting after removing all mammal and it’s by products then you may need to remove dairy…milk, cheese, whey, lactose etc. (About half of people with alpha gal react to dairy).

In time you will learn what affects your body. Everyone’s level of sensitivity and everyone’s reaction are so different. If you find someone’s post confusing just ask the poster to explain.

Remember reactions most often are delayed by anywhere from 2 to 10 hours or more. So if you have a reaction look at what you ate earlier in the day. Also know that alpha-gal is a allergy that can produce a reaction anytime you ingest mammal meat or its byproducts but it may not cause you to react everytime you eat it. So you could eat a hamburger today and do absolutely fine but it the same thing in a few days and land in the hospital from a reaction.

Remember also that over time your sensitivity can increase or decrease so you need to learn to listen to your body to know how to adjust.