A Pinch & A Dash

Salt Rising Bread

Have you ever ate a good piece of toasted Salt rising bread ? It’s fluffy but somewhat dense. When toasted The crunch is like no other! My grandpa Taylor use to make some of the best Salt Rising Bread. I remember sitting at the table eating slice after slice with Hot Chocolate on cold days. I enjoy Learning about the secrets of making this timeless classic.

Did you know you can check for the perfect doneness with a cooking thermometer!?
190 degrees F. For Salt Rising  seems to be it!

Here’s one great place to learn about Salt Rising Bread . Mary’s Nest

If  hands on learning how to make Salt rising bread is something you would like to learn ask me how!?

Keeping the Salt Rising Bread Recipe alive

Let us know if you’ve made Salt Rising Bread  and how it turned out. We like ours toasted with a drizzle of honey 

Sourdough Bread when able to rest overnight before baking, has less gluten in it then one baked the same day.

Soft inside but crunchy when toasted 🍞